Philosophy & Vision



New dietary theories and fads have become more persuasive and sophisticated than ever, bombarding the public with all kinds of intriguing ideas on a daily basis. The problem is, much of it is really un-actionable, useless and oftentimes contradicting information. Many people confuse information with knowledge and opinions with facts but there is a critical distinction that makes all the difference.

Today, we have less time than ever and as such what we need is essential, to the point, on the subject knowledge – not more information to keep you distracted from what really matters.

So, how do you cut through all of the “noise” that has become so characteristic of our time? Our answer is our cafe and this website. Its goal is to provide short, and to the point, thoroughly researched facts. Not opinions; to help you cut through all the confusion.

This website is also intended to serve as an introduction to OutSmart Café concept and the OutSmart Movement.

This whole endeavor is at its core based on a few very simple and fundamental premises:

1. Knowledge Leads To Awareness; Awareness Enables Choice
2. All human beings need real food and clean water, not artificial, chemical laden or genetically engineered and altered food like substitutes in order to thrive not just merely survive.

About OutSmart Cafe & The Philosophy Behind It

Just like there is no shortage of information out there, there is also no shortage of places to eat out. Unfortunately, most offer convenience not quality and your food choices are limited to: from bad to worse.

In an effort to reach as many people as possible I chose not only to write this book (more books and educational materials at the cafe to follow) but also open the OutSmart Café, an innovative venue that features education as a key component – not just food. When it comes to what you put into your body, it’s of utmost importance to be truly knowledgeable so you can make wise choices.

That is why the OutSmart Café operates in such an empowering, health conscious and exciting way; all of the foods and drinks are organic, non-GMO and education is served “on the side”.

This unique and complex establishment fills an important niche that today’s society needs and deserves – an ALTERNATIVE place to eat smart “on the go”. OutSmart Café is not just a place to eat healthy but to learn why, what and how to eat healthy at all times. The take out from OutSmart Café is more than just food, it is also food for thought.

About the OutSmart Movement & Its Vision

Part of this endeavor is to create a grassroots, international “OutSmart Movement”. Its vision is to connect like-minded, health conscious people and to open the OutSmart Café at many locations worldwide so it becomes the meeting place where ideas based on real knowledge are exchanged and health promoted. The goal is to raise awareness and offer honest, real solutions for today’s hectic lifestyles.

OutSmart Cafe

The OutSmart Café’s physical locations, where the menu is designed considering the highest and best nutritional value – and the highest quality ingredients in recipes are used not just to taste great but to truly nourish. The educational aspect of the OutSmart Café’ so you know exactly what it is that stands behind each menu item; how it benefits your body and mind and as such empowers you to make the best – not ill informed -decisions.



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